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Manager's Corner -- October 16, 2019

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October 18, 2019
Montana Senate President Scott Sales is running for Montana Secretary of State.  We had the chance to catch up with him in his travels to Eastern Montana. 

September 27, 2019
Dan Celia, of Financial Issues, shares his perspective on the economy of the United States from a perspective that sees those living in the United States as stewards of the resources entrusted to us from the Lord. 

September 20, 2019
Peterson Farm Brothers will be in concert in Terry, Montana!  Glenda Ueland,Chairman of Evelyn Cameron Heritage, Inc, speaks with Cody Ross about their hosting of the concert.

September 18, 2019
Jordan Feliz, a Christian music artist, will be in concert at Faith E Church in Billings, Montana on Sunday, September 29 at 7 pm.  We talk to him about the motivation for his newest album and why one would want to attend the upcoming concert.

September 13, 2019
Henry Jernigan is dubbed one of the "best speakers you've never heard of."  You may hear him now and hear him in Eastern Montana next week at Sunrise Women's Clinic's annual fundraising banquet.

September 11, 2019
Is the biblical Christian church really on a significant decline?  Glenn Stanton addresses this question in his new book, The Myth Of The Dying Church.

September 6, 2019
Keegan Harkins is the speaker for Eastern Montana Bible Camp's Ladies Retreat 2019.  As such, we learn more about the upcoming retreat and her background.The dates are September 12th-14th.  Keegan's ministry is Hebrews 4 Ministries.

August 30, 2019
The Tide Global Ministry is an international Christian outreach committed to worldwide evangelism and discipleship.  They primarily accomplish their mission through Christian radio broadcasts in multiple languages around the world along with leadership development, church planting, and short-term mission trips.

August 23, 2019
Syed Ibn Syed was touched miraculously by the Lord twenty-eight years ago.  Hear the amazing story of this man ministering to Muslims worldwide.

August 16, 2019
One Moment in America's host, Jerry Stewart, talks about the trip to Russia he and Kelly, his wife, took.  He also shares a hilarious Texas winter story you will want to hear. 

August 9, 2019
Montana United States Senator Steve Daines is in Eastern Montana today.  We pursued the opportunity to interview him on his findings as he interacted with constituents. Plus, he speaks about the spiritual component of his life in Washington, DC.

August 9, 2019
Don't miss this interview with Joni Tada, an internationally-known disability advocate.  She joins us to share about her journey through suffering and how God may work as He is in her. 

August 2, 2019
Is brokenness beautiful?  Katy Pistole says "yes" and uses horses to disciple girls and women who are broken.  Beautiful Brokenness is a nonprofit worthy of your attention. 

July 26, 2019
Diagnoses of autism affect families and the education system as a whole.  Mark Claypool, Founder and CEO of ChanceLight Behavioral Health, Therapy, and Education joins us for this timely discussion. 

July 19, 2019
The Honorable Sam Rohrer, American Pastors Network President, addresses Americans who are "Bible Disengaged" while speaking to the growing acceptance of Socialism. 

July 12, 2019
Do we have the same religious freedoms that our Founding Fathers envisioned when they wrote the Declaration of Independence?  Bruce Hausknecht, chief legal analyst at Focus on the Family, addresses this timely question. 

July 5, 2019
Robert Craft, President of Reach A Village, talks about their ministry's unique approach to help local pastors and Christian workers reach their own local people. 

June 28, 2019
The President of Far East Broadcasting Corporation, Ed Cannon, shares the amazing history and results they are seeing throughout the continent of Asia.

June 21, 2019
How should a thoughtful Christian believer consider investing their money when it comes to financial instruments?  We hear from Zach Covert of Timothy Plan.

June 14, 2019
Cancer is real to those who have the disease and to those who are caregivers.  Percy McCray, National Director of Faith-Based Programs at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, joins us to discuss various aspects of cancer.

June 7, 2019
Myles and Katherine Weiss talk about their new book, When Heaven Hits Home.  This couple humorously describes coming from drastically different places in life and learning practical and biblical principles. 

May 31, 2019
What is "Canines For Christ?"  Could your dog be involved?  Tune in to find out as we hear from Chaplain Ron Leonard.

May 24, 2019
Dave Greiman, a native of Eastern Montana, speaks about his mission work in Brazil.  He is joined by his wife, Kay.  The Greimans serve with South America Mission.

May 17, 2019
David Rubin, known as "The Trusted Voice of Israel," is the former mayor of Shiloh, Israel and author of the book, Trump and the Jews.  He addresses important current issues affecting Israel and the United States while touching on issues affecting Jews living in the United States under President Trump.

May 10, 2019
Linda Weber is the author of The Eternal Mark of a Mom and explains why every stage of motherhood is a high and important calling.

May 3, 2019
In anticipation of the "Alive From New York" event, Paul Batura, Vice President of Communications for Focus on the Family, speaks to the KGLE listening audience about the importance of the event.  KGLE will air the broadcast live at 1:00 PM on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

May 1, 2019
Thursday, May 2nd is the annual National Day of Prayer.  Jim Squires, the area coordinator for the National Day of Prayer in Glendive, joins us to talk about the history of this important day and what to expect at the upcoming local event.

April 26, 2019
We hear from Human Trafficking specialist, Patrick Atkinson, on this prevalent issue.  Patrick will also present in Glendive how this practice is happening in the Bakken oil region.

April 19, 2019
Two representatives from Dawson Community College speak about National Community College Month and the upcoming Open House event at the college.

April 12, 2019
Neal van den Berg, from the African nation of Namibia, shares with us about the gospel work of Channel 7 Christian radio and how we may get involved.  This is the only Christian radio station in the entire nation that is in the midst of a devastating drought. 

April 05, 2019
U.S. Congressman Greg Gianforte (MT) joins us to discuss the current legislative status of H.R. 962, the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act.  In addition, we address how you may get involved.

March 29, 2019
Interview with Matt Fuqua, member of The Afters Christian Music group who will present a concert in Billings, MT at Faith E Church on March 31 at 7:00 PM.

March 22, 2019
Stephen Schreibeis, Superintendent of Glendive Public Schools, joins us in the KGLE studio to share regional initiatives to address the mental health issue of suicide.

March 15, 2019
We hear from Pamela Harr, a sculptor of bronze from the Glendive, MT area.  Pamela has placed many sculptures around Glendive and shares career highlights that she and her late husband have been able to accomplish both in Montana and worldwide.

March 01,2019
An interview with The Honorable Corey Stapleton, Montana Secretary of State.  The Secretary speaks about his background and how his office is striving to serve all Montanans.

February 22, 2019
An interview with Jeff Laszloffy, President of Montana Family Foundation.  Mr. Laszloffy describes the principles that guide the organization and illustrates by applying these principles to specific pending bills in Montana.

February 20, 2019
Robert Canen, Museum Director of Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum, makes the case why Montana House Bill 229 is beneficial to the work of the museum.  In summary, this bill would ensure fossils belong to the surface owner not the owner of the mineral rights. 

February 15, 2019
Laura Johnson, of The Johnson Strings, talks about her reflections on the recent concerts in the KGLE listening area.  Then, she addresses how her upbringing has contributed to the impact the group has on the many inquiring individuals asking about the authenticity of their family.  In addition, she share practical insights for other families.

February 8, 2019
Candi Cushman, a nationally-recognized education expert on issues affecting public and private education, speaks to a contemporary issue related to religious freedom.  As well, she details practical resources that are available related to religious freedom in education.

February 1, 2019
We do a follow-up interview with Robyn Chambers to get her eyewitness account of the events surrounding the March for Life.  Go to January 18, 2019 to hear the first interview.

January 25, 2019 (rebroadcasted)
Laura Johnson is a spokesperson for The Johnson Strings, an award-winning musical group from Branson, Missouri.  KGLE sponsors the group at a concert on January 27th at 7:00 PM at Dawson Community College.

January 18, 2019
Robyn Chambers is the Director of Sanctity of Human Life at Focus on the Family.  She addresses how scientific and technological developments are supporting a pro-life position.  Robyn also speaks about the significance of the movement behind the 46th annual March for Life taking place on January 18th, 2019.

January 11, 2019
Laura Johnson is a spokesperson for The Johnson Strings, an award-winning musical group from Branson, Missouri.  KGLE sponsors the group at a concert on January 27th at 7:00 PM at Dawson Community College.

December 21, 2018
Danny Huerta, Focus on the Family's Vice President of Parenting & Counselor to Teens, talks about signs relating to potential suicide and how caring grown-ups can prevent suicide.  Co-hosts are Justin Vander Veur and his wife, Laura Beth, a local educator.

November 21, 2018
An interview with Jerry Stewart of Vision Radio Productions.  Jerry and his wife, Kelly, educate on the history of the United States through inspiring stories and songs.

November 9, 2018
An interview with the founders of Child Bridge Montana.  They facilitate adoptions and foster parents from churches and organizations in Montana.

November 2, 2018
An interview with members of the Canadian Gospel Music Group "Double Portion."  They recently appeared at the Preacher in the Patch Event in Glendive.

August 29, 2018
An interview with Kyndall of Kyndall Peaches.  Kyndall shares how she got into the peach-selling business and how it helped to pay college expenses as well as allowing her now to be able to participate in the Bozemand non-profit Zoe Care.  She has also had opportunities to share about entreprenueurship with vaious groups.  Her web site is

August 24, 2018
An interview with Patti Wittkopp of Circle, Montana.  Patti will be the speaker at the upcoming EMBC Women's Retreat, Septl 6-8.  More information on the retreat can be had at


July 20, 2018
An Inteview with  Wanda Rosseland, and area author who has published the book "Angels Among Us: Extraordinary Encounters with Heavenly Beings."  Wanda shares how the Lord led her to collect these stories from individuals who have had encounters with angels.  The book is available from Amazon, Christian Distributors and Barnes and Noble or you can order an autographed copy from Wanda at

June 1 & 8, 2018
An Interview with Dr. Kevin Horton, Director of the Institute for Biblical Authority concerning the upcoming North Dakota Badlands Creation Conference that will be help in Medora, North Dakota at the end of June.  More information about the Institute for Biblical Authority is available at

May 18, 2018
Interview with Kent Fraser, the producer of the program, Storyteller, heard on KGLE at 10:44 AM each Saturday.  Kent shares about his life and ministry and explains how he captures the testimonies of faith from Native Americans in the USA and beyond.  Learn more about his organization and the Storyteller at .

April 27, 2018
Interview with Pastor David Meehan and Harold Lorenz about the upcoming centennial celebration at the Ebenezer Congregational Church in Sidney, Montana.  The celebration will take place on May 6, starting at 9:30 AM with Sunday School, followed by the worship service, then potluck meal and a 2:00 singspiration service.  All are invited to attend.  Call Pastor David for more information at 406-973-8819.

April 20, 2018
Interview with Jim Squires, a coordinator for the National Day of Prayer Observance in Glendive.  This year the NDOP takes place on May 3rd and in Glendive the observance will be held at Our Park (Gazebo Park) starting at 12:00 Noon.  KGLE will broadcast the event live. For more information on the
National Day of Prayer
go to

April 13, 2018
Interview with Brenda Nissley, Keegan Harkins, and Lindsey Grooms about the Women's Weekend Retreat, "Broken Into Beautiful", at the Glendive Alliance Church, April 27 and 28.  Call Brenda for more details at 406-583-7591 or text her at 406-979-9746.  All ladies of all ages are welcome.  There is no charge to participate

March 30, 2018
Interview with Ed Williamson and Todd Allard about the Hope Promises Program held at the Glendive Alliance Church, Monday evenings from 6:00-8:00 PM.  Hope Promises is a Christ-centered Recovery program to help people battling addictions and destructive behavior to really live and not just survive.

March 23, 2018
Interview with Jeff Laszloffy, President of MT Family Foundation.  Jeff discusses a number of very important issues of importance to Montanans. Get details at
their website  Also for information on the Montana Locker Room Privacy Act see

March 16, 2018
Interview with Jo Rice, Abby Rice, and Bonnie Heidner about their recent missions trip to Guatemala.

March 9, 2018
Interview with Charles Morris, President of and Speaker on the Haven program heard on KGLE M-F at 8:30 PM.  Charles Morris' latest book is entitled "Fleeing Isis, Finding Jesus."  Get more information on Haven Ministries at

February 2, 2018,
Interview with Eric Hovind, the President and Founder of Creation Toay.  Eric will be the speaker at this year's Creation Celebration speaking at the Glendive Alliance Church at 9:00 & 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM  on Sunday February 11, and 7:00 PM on Monday February 12.  Get more information about Eric and his ministry at

January 26, 2018
Interview with Shelby Doyle, Director of Communications for National School Choice Week.  National School Choice Week is celebrated this year January 21-27.  Get more information at

January 19, 2018
Interview with Dave Howard, MT State Senator, former FBI Agent, founder of Foxhole Ministries and speaker on Voice of Truths Wakeup Call program.  Dave talks about his latest book, "Attack on Christianity, 10 Strategies Christ Used to Fight the Culture War."  Get more information at

January 12, 2018
Interview with Keegan Harkins, a Glendive Author who has just published her first novel entitled "Grasping Destiny."  Keegan talks about her book and the writing process and she will be doing a book signing on January 18 at the Glendive Public Library from 6-7 PM.  All are welcome.

November 17, 2017
Interview with Rachel Miller, director of Forbid Them Not Ministries, based in Billings, Montana.  Rachel shares about outreach to the fatherless, both in the Billings area and internationally.  Get more infromation at

November 10, 2017
Interview with Jeremy Burton, Communications Director with Museum of The Bible in Washington DC.  Get more information at .

November 3, 2017
Interview with Charles E. McCracken, international Bible teacher and conference spwaker, and longtime friend of Israel and advocate for the Jewish people. Rev. McCracken will be speaking at the Bethlehem Mennonite Church near Bloomfield on Nov. 4 on the topic "A God's-Eye View of Israel.  All are welcome.  More information on Rev.
McCracken is available at

October 4, 2017
An interview with Edwin Naijuka the director of the Watoto Children's Choir from  Uganda.  The choir will be in our area on Oct. 7 & 8 with concerts in Terry and Glendive.  Get more information on the Watoto Children's Ministry at

September 29, 2017
Interview with Daneen Peterson from Glendive.  Daneen shares about her mission experiences in Africa.  She also gives insight into the upcoming Watoto Childrens Choir Concert on Oct. 8.  She had contact with the Watoto organization while serving in Uganda.

September 8,
Interview with Edward Zogg who, with his family, serves as a missionary in the Dominican Republic.  He pastors the English Church East in Santo Domingo and has a wide range of outreaches to the people of his area.
  Find out more at and contact Edward at

September 1, 2017
Interview with Linda Simonsen, Volunteer and Banquet Coordinator at Sunrise Women's Clinic in Sidney, MT.  Linda  shares about the development of the clinic and the services that are offered.  Linda will also share about the upcoming Banquet on September 12 at the Event Center at the Richland County Fair Grounds.  For information on the Banquet call Linda at 406-798-3672.
  Go to  for information on the Sunrise Women's Clinic.

August 25, 2017
Interview with Doris Reese, Pastor's Wife, Mother, Speaker and Author.  Doris will be th speaker at the upcoming EMBC Women's Retreat on September 7-9.  For information and registration go to the EMBC Web Site at .

August 18, 2017
Interview with Jud Heald with Untitled skate board group.  Jud will be in Glendive with the stunt team on August 19 for the Badlands Board Fest.  Not only will the team be sharing stunts, they will also share the message of the Gospel, giving the call for people to come to faith in Christ and for each of us to give our all to the Savior.  Find out more

August 11, 2017
Interview with John Andus with Stunt Dudes BMX.  John will be in Glendive on Saturday, August 19, 2017 performing for the 2nd Badlands Board Fest, starting at 4:00 PM at Brett Fitch Skatepark.

August 11, 2017
Interview with DJ Kirk, master of the turntables.  DJ Kirk will be in Glendive, as well, for the Badlands Board Fest on August 19th.  He will do a Jam session at 8:00 PM.

August 9, 2017
Interview with Scott Anderson with Agri-Best Feeds and SweetPro Distillers Grain.  Scott will share about the challenges cattle raisers face with the current drought situation and wild fire devastation and how SweetPro can help.  They also have a price reduction available for those in drought areas.  Call 866-601-6646 or go to their website

June 16, 2017
Interview with Pastor Kevin Petersen from the Glendive Assembley of God Church.  Pastor Petersen and his family have recently moved to Glendive to minister God's Word at the Glendive Assembly of God Church.

May 12, 2017
Interview with the 2016-17 Leadership Glendive Group.  Leadership Glendive is an educational effort to raise up leadership for our community.  For more information about the training possibilities contact the Glendive Chamber of Commerce.

May 5, 2017
Interview with Jenae Orluck from Beach, ND who has memorized an amazing number of verses from the Bible and has also participated in the national Bible Bee Gameshow.  Hear about her experiences and challenges as she participated in this national Bible learning program.  You can watch episodes of the Bible Bee Gameshow a

April 21, 2017
Interview with Lance Lanning, President of Provision International.  Lance talks about the work and impact of their mission and about their upcoming Mission Banquet in Billings on May 12 featuring Dr. David Jeremiah as speaker and Selah as musical guests.
  For more information go to

April 14, 2017
Interview with Robert Canen, vice-president of FACT and Director of the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum.  Get more information

April 7, 2017
Interview with Jeff Laszloffy, President of the Montana Family Foundation taking about the current Montana Legislative Session.  Learn more about issues of concern
at or by calling 406-628-1141.

March 31, 2017
Interview with Pastor James Isaac, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Glendive, MT.  The church is located on the corner of Ames and Cooke.  Call 377-2672 for information.

March 24, 2017
Interview with Pastor Josh McLachlan, pastor of the Plevna Baptist Church in Plevna, Montana.  For more information on the church and service times go to their website

March 17, 2017
Interview with Scott Davis, communicator, author, Christian Comedian, singer.  Scott will be the main ingredient at the Sweet Life Comedy Tour to be held at the DCC Auditorium, March 25, at 5:30 PM.  Get tickets at Crazy Woman Espresso, the Chamber or at the event sponsor, the Glendive Alliance Church, or call 406-377-4644.  It will be a time of laughter, fun and ice cream!  Sweet!

March 10, 2017
Interview with Brent Liberda, missionary with the Christian and Missionary Alliance Mission to Mongolia.  Brent can be contacted

February 10, 2017
Interview with Pastor David Steinbron the pastor of the Glendive Evangelical Church.  Pastor Steinbron and his family have recently moved to Glendive to begin their ministry at the Evangelical Church.

February 3, 2017
Interview with Brian Thomas, Creation Speaker, Teacher, Author and Science Writer and editor at the Instittute of Creation Research.  Brian will be this year's speaker at the Creation Celebration, Feb. 12, 13, held at the Evangelical Church of North America and sponsord by the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum.  Brian is the author of "Dinosaurs and the Bible."

January 27, 2017
Interview with Dr. Roger Patterson who is the author of the one-year devotional book, "A Minute of Vision for Men."  He is also the host of the program "Vision for Life" heard on KGLE on Saturdays at 10:00 AM.
 For more information about the book go to

January 20, 2017
Interview with Ryan Thomas Nissley about his interview program, "On The Road" which will begin airing on KGLE on January 21.  This weekly program can be heard each Saturday evening at 6:06 PM
or you can listen at  Ryan interviews guests from many walks of life who are connecting their faith with life.

Dec. 2, 2016
Interview with Bobby Lanyon author of the book "Extraordinary Love'" Faith-Based Parenting For Special Needs Kids.
 More information is available at his website

Oct. 28, 2016
Interview with Rocky Erickson, of the Northern Sports Network, about Eva Kor, a holocaust survivor who will be speaking in Glasgow, MT on Nov. 1.

Sept. 16, 2016
Interview with Leslie Bennett, media spokesperson for the Revive Our Hearts Cry Out 16 Event to be held on September 23rd.  More information about the event can be found at online:

August 26, 2016
Interview with Steve Grohman who is a Creation Evangelist with Creation Seminars.  He is giving his Creation Seminar in Bainville, MT, Aug. 28-31 at the Bainville Faith Fellowship Church.  Get more information at

August 24, 2016
Interview with Jud Heald with Untitled Skateboard Team and DJ Kirk on the upcoming Event in Glendive called Badlands Board Fest, Aug. 26-28.  Get all the details at the Badlands Board Fest Facebook Page

August 19, 2016
Interview with Alicia Brewer, special speaker at the EMBC Ladies Retreat on September 8-10.  Get more information

August 5, 2016
Interview with Max and Merrilee Murphy, on staff with CRU in the Portland, OR area, sharing about their work on college campuses and a recent trip overseas. Get more information at or email them at or

July 1, 2016
Interview with Bruce Hausknecht, judicial analyst with Focus on the Family concern
ing the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states.  This decision came down one  year ago. How has this affected our American society and what's in the future?  Get resources on this and other social issues

June 24, 2016
Interview with Pastor Darrell Nefzger about his recent trip to Israel and involvement in Holocaust studies and why this is very important.

June 10, 2016
Interview with David Temple, the writer, director and actor in the new faith-based film, "Chasing Grace."  The by-line of the film reads, "Fooling yourself is easy. Forgiving yourself isn't."  Get more information at

June3, 2016
Interview with Dr. Philip Nation about his new book, "Habits For Our Holiness," published by Moody Press.  Check our his website for more information

May 13, 2016
Interview with Pastor Erwin Lutzer concerning his book "Rescuing The Gospel - The Story and Significance of the Reformation."  The book is available online or in book stores.

May 6, 2016
Interview with Todd Nettleton with Voice of the Martys on Christian persecution in the world today and they efforts to make the truth know and to provide relief supplies to Christian Refugees through their "I am N" program.  Get details at

April 29, 2016
Interview with Jim Squires, coordinator of this year's National Day of Prayer Observance in Glendive, May 5th at Noon at the Gazebo Park on Merrill Ave.

April 22, 2016
Interviews with members of this year Leadership Glendive group who are being trained for possible future leadership to help make our community a better place to live.

April 15, 2016
Interview with Dr. Dan Lacich, pastor, professor and author, about his book, "The Provocative God, Radical Things God Has Said and Done."  The book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble or go to

April 1, 2016
Interview with Bay Forrest, former NBA Player, missionary and now speaker and evangelist with Focus Ministries.  Bay and his wife, Peg, will be in Glendive April 13-17 for a series of meetings, sponsored by the Glendive Alliance Church.   For more information
go to

March 25, 2016
Interview with Todd Nettleton of Voice of the Martyrs concerning their national campaign called "I Am N" that promotes help and encouragement for Christians suffering persecution.  The interview was done by John Clemens.  For more information go to

March 11, 2016
Interview with Bethany McBride about her short-term mission trip to Thailand and the ministry there reaching out to those caught up in human trafficking.

February 12, 2016
Interview with Emeal Zwayne who will be the guest speaker at this year's Creation Sunday Celebration, Feb. 28th at the Glendive Evangelical Church, from 3:00-5:30 PM.  Emeal is the Co-Host of "The Comfort Zone" with well-known evangelist Ray Comfort and the president of Living Waters Publications.

December 23, 2015
Interview with Kevin McGovern about the upcoming Glendive Community Christmas Banquet on Dec. 25th at the EPEC from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  Everyone is welcome.  There is no charge.  Sponsored by the Glendive Promise Keepers/Men of Promise.

December 11, 2015
Interview with Pastor Dan Keegan, interim pastor at the Community Bible Church in Glendive, located on the corner of Clement and Taylor.

November 25, 2015
Interview with Pastor Dan Hetzer.  Pastor Dan and his family have recently arrived in Glendive to serve at the First Baptist Church, on the corner of Ames and Cooke.

November 20, 2015
Ron Evitt and Kara Daniel stopped in to share information about the Preacher in the Patch and Friends Event taking place in Glendive.  More information available at

September 25, 2015
An interview with Michael Rosander, Actor, Writer and starring the recently released movie, Adrenaline.  Check out more about the movie

September 18, 2015
An Interview with Tory Gold of the group, Gold Heart which is set to play at the Miles City Blue Grass Festiva on September 18-20.
  Get more information on the group at

August 21, 2015
An interview with Ian Bultman, creator and producer of the Brinkman Adventures.  He and his family recently visited Glendive in preparation of doing an adventure highlighting the story of the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum.

August 14, 2015
An interview with Bill Heid, Founder and President of Heirloom Audio Productions talking about their lastest release, With Lee in Virginia.

August 7, 2015
An interview with
ark Hamby, Founder and President of Lamplighter Ministries which produces the program Lamplighter Theatre.

July 31, 2015
An interview with
Alexandra Boylan, actess, producer and writer.  She talks about her new inspiration film, "Catching Faith" which will soon be available on DVD.

July 29, 2015
An interview with
Buddy Davis with Answers in Genesis.  Buddy stopped by to say "hello" while in Glendive for a Dinosaur Dig.  He shared some of what he has been up to.  His latest projects are available at

July 3, 2015
An interview with
ark Hamby, Founder and President of Lamplighter Ministries which produces the program Lamplighter Theatre.

June 5, 2015
An interview with Jessica Lynch who is featured in the new film "Virtuous".  Jessica is a former soldier and POW in the Iraq war; now a mom,  public speaker and actress.

May 15, 2015
Carl Kerby Jr shares insights into the world of video gaming and how parents and gamers can avoid some of the pitfalls involved with this area of life.

May 8, 2015
Pastor Frank Lenihan, pastor, teacher, speaker and associate of Bridges for Peace talking about the Land of Israel.

May 1, 2015
Rev. Philip Arends talks about Double Eagle Ministries, dedicated to helping those dealing with sexual bondage, utilizing the Conquer Series.

April 17 & May 5, 2015
Jim Squires, Local Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer stop by to discuss the the Local Observance scheduled to take place in Glendive at the Gazebo at noon on May 7, 2015.

April 8 & 10, 2015
Carl Kerby, Apologist, Co-Founder of the Ministry Reasons for Hope, and this year's speaker at the 8th Annual Creation Weekend (April 10-12) joins us.  He will be giving 9 different talks during this weekend to be held at the Glendive Evangelical Church:  7:00 PM Friday, 2:00 & 6:00 PM Saturday, 8:30 & 11:00 Sunday and then 3:00 PM on Sunday afternoon at the EPEC.

April 3, 2015
Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Grammy and Dove Award winner, and member of the Gaither Vocal Band, Bill Gaither, joins us to talk about the upcoming concert in Williston, North Dakota, April 16, at 7:00 PM at The Well at Williston State College.

March 27, 2015
Glendive native CW3 Timothy Sifuentes talked with us about his 19 years in the army and 3 tours in Iraq.  This Wounded Warrior is pursuing excellence through participating in the upcoming 2015 U.S. Army Trials at Fort Bliss, Texas and hopes to advance to the DOD Warrior Games at Quantico in June.  He would also like to move his family back to Glendive after finishing his army service.

March 13, 2015
Lance and Keith from Provision International stopped by to share the story of their Mission group and to give details of an upcoming Missions Banquet in Billings featuring Dr. Condaleezza Rice.

February 20, 2015
The Leadership Glendive group visited KGLE on their Communications Day.  Find out more about the program and hear from the participants about their experience in Leadership Glendive.

February 6, 2015
Interview with Scott Davis, Christian Comedian, Author, Speaker concerning his upcoming concert at the Glendive Alliance Church, February 21, 2015, at 5:30 PM.

January 23, 2015
Interview with Helmut Wolff about his experiences as a boy in World War II, his eventual move to the US and how the Lord was with him and brought him to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

December 19, 2014
Interview with Bob Ackerman about the Free Christmas Dinner at the EPEC on Dec. 25th starting at 11:00 AM.  Everyone is welcome.

December 12, 2014
Interview with B
ill Heid, businessman, entrepreneur, and historian who founded Heirloom Audio.  He is also the executive producer of the new Audio Movie about William Wallace, "In Freedom's Cause."

November 21, 2014
Interview with Ken Davis, comedian, author, inspirational and motivational speaker, host of Lighten Up, talking about his new devotional book "Lighten Up and Live."