Hey kids, enter the

"I think Billy Graham was great because..."

and have a chance to win a great camp place at Trails End Ranch.

We have all heard of Rev. Billy Graham but what did he do that was great and how did the Lord use him to spread the Gospel message?  Try to read about his life and then write a paragraph or two that tells, in your own words, what you have discovered. Want to write a poem about him instead?  Great!  Something like:

Billy Graham was a man of God,
Who told the world about salvation;
To speak of Jesus was his only goal,
And he shared Him with every nation.

He found the Lord...etc., etc.

Or how about an acrostic using the letters of his name to tell others about his life?  You know like:

B...Believed in Jesus
I...Invited millions to Trust Jesus
and so on until you have used all the letters in
B-I-L-L-Y  G-R-A-H-A-M

You decide how you would like to do it and then mail or email your entry to KGLE.  This contest is for kids entering the 3rd through 12th grades. 

So get to work and then send your entry with your name, address and phone number to KGLE.  (Include the grade in school that you will be going into in September, too.)  Our judges will decide which reports are best and camp places at Trails End Ranch will be awarded to the winners.

Talk with your parents, guardian,  teachers and/or pastor about things that you might include in your report, or maybe find some information on the internet.  (Some of you might need your parents permission or help with that!)

We will include the name of each participant who sends us their report on Billy Graham in our Trails End Ranch Camp Place Give-Away.  We will give away 3 camp places.

1- Specialty Camp Place for kids going into grades 6-12

2- Regular Camp Places for kids going into grades 3-12

Thanks for participating in our Trails End Ranch Camp Give-away Contest!  The camp contest starts May 10 and ends June 1, 2018.  All entries must be submitted by June 1, 2018.

If you have any questions contact us here are KGLE.  We hope you have a great time!

Winners need to contact the camp to arrange the details of when they will attend camp at Trails End Ranch. Each winner is responsible for their own transportation to and from camp.  For more information on Trails End Ranch go to

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